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Bonnefoi Valley

The Business Journey

History and the people

The picturesque old farm Bonnefoi nestles between the banks of the Komati River and the beautiful koppies characteristic of these parts of the Highveld. There’s a smaller river running through it which is fed by numerous fountains in the veld. Many indigenous plants like the Kiepersol and also many aloes are found here.

The Farm belonged to the Everard family which is known for the women of Bonnefoi who were renowned artists, known in South Africa art history as “The Everard Group”. The Farm was also known for its horse breeding, especially racing horses. Bertha, The owner of Bonnefoi , Charles’s Wife was in many ways a very talented lady, The old romantic homestead known as “the Withuis” was planned by her. It was built in 1903 and although partly ruined is still a tourist attraction.
The Farm was bought by Sagrys and Anlie who fell in love with Bonnefoi immediately. But it was completely abandoned for nearly 50 years and it is the dream of the family to restore it to its former glory.

Sagrys ‘s 2 sons , Henk and Jacob is developing the farm to be a successful agricultural asset once more. Since Jacob was little he knew that he wanted to be a farmer, so he went to study in Potchefstroom to do exactly that. Henk went to study business/finance, so when these two brothers decided to combine their efforts to create Bonnefoi Valley Farm, a family business was started with the partners that complement each other’s strengths and the rest is history.

Company Overview

With the increase in agricultural related products in South Africa, Henk & Jacob vd Merwe saw the gap and decided to start a different more innovative product, and hence, Bonnefoi Valley was started in 2015 with the eye on providing green pumpkin seeds to the SA market. The Journey took them around the world with visits to countries in Europe, to ensure that only the best varieties and quality will be obtained. The art of farming high quality pumpkin seeds is something that Bonnefoi valley have strived to from the beginning and that keep this company innovative every day.


Bonnefoi Valley is a family owned agricultural business located in Mpumulanga specializing in bulk trading of edible green pumpkin seeds with a future expansion into pumpkin seed oil, flour and snacks.   
We strive to provide the best quality products from the farm to the customer.

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