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Bubu is Of Egyptian origin, meaning “Gives light or prosperous of glowing or glorious”


History and the People

Jan Botma started his business, BuBu, in 2017

Jan was born and raised on the farm Rörich in the Bothaville district.  He still lives and farms on this exact farm, since 1988.  He studied Bsc Agric at Kovsies, Bloemfontein, followed by another degree in Financial and Risk Management through Unisa. He is married to Lynette and they have three children, who studied at North West University.

Although Jan farms with maize, sunflower and soya beans, his passion lay with his soya beans. Years back, he already invested in a facility to clean and store soya’s and started to extrude soya’s for the chicken industry. His passion for soybeans made him continuously looking for various directions/ products in which he can add value to the commodity, which included the research of processing soya’s for human consumption.  Finally, “Bubu” saw the light of day.

The Company in overview

Bubu is of Egyptian origin, meaning:  “Gives light or prosperous of glowing or glorious”
“LIGHT UP YOUR LIVE” This links beautiful with the product developed:  
A soya spread with a specifically designed flavour profile to take on the peanut butter market, was developed, with the following benefits
•  An Alternative affordable protein source
•  Peanut and nut free processing facility (nut and peanut allergens)
•  Gluten free
•  No added colourants and flavourings
•  With a “farm to fork” principle:  produced as an extension of farming, with own crop produce!


A brief soya journey; the business journey originated from an international inquiry for an excellent tasting spread with no peanut allergens, as a good food/ nutrition source and at excellent value.
The manufacturing of soya spread is the foundation of the business profile:

•    Traditional Spread
•    Healthy with Honey spread
•    Sugar-free spread


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