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Eagle Whizz

The Business Journey
History and People

Between the colourful walls of a Bloemfontein coffee shop, 4 individuals gathered to discuss the embarking of an adventure.  

The founding members contacted two newly qualified Chartered Accountants, a married couple, Villier and Janneke Smith to pioneer their vision in the Vaalharts Irrigation Scheme in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa.

Villier, a sheep farmers’ son born in Smithfield, matriculated from Grey College Bloemfontein during 2006 and graduated from UNISA during 2013.  Villier completed his articles during 2016 where after he registered as a Chartered Accountant(SA).  During his articles Villier was always interested in the operations and successes of his farming clients, as a result he has extensive knowledge of the industry.  Villiers’ past time is spent creating innovative tax law applications to ensure his clients utilise credits available to them.  Villier has had numerous successes in the investing world due to his love for research and understanding the inner workings of the society we live in.

Janneke, born in the Eastern Cape town, Uitenhage, matriculated from the Brandwag High School during 2008.  She completed her studies during 2012 after obtaining her Honours Degree from the University of the Free State.  She completed her articles at a Big 4 auditing firm and registered as a Chartered Accountant(SA) during 2017.  Janneke serviced a wide range of clients which mostly consisted of Government Entities and JSE listed companies.

Chartered Accountants(Auditors) offer a wide range of skills and knowledge to any business.  Learning to adapt to numerous industries in a normal working day make CA’s an exciting addition to the team.

The couple shares knowledge and skills of a wide range of industries, complexity and most importantly had the appropriate risk appetite to take on the challenges of the new company with its unknown future.

Villier and Janneke dreamt of pioneering an exciting business and during their meeting in Bloemfontein a dream came true for the couple.

The Company in overview

Eaglewhizz is currently in the planning and control development phase of its operations.  Operational and financial controls form the base of any successful business.  A strong controls foundation will ensure that as our business grow it can withstand the load and new pressures that it offers.

The founding members, Daniel Jacobs and Willem Strauss, with their impressive contact base and knowledge of the industries, form the heartbeat of the company.

With guidance from the founding members the company is pursuing financing possibilities to establish the milling section of the future business.  On successful application the leased land would be utilised to plant the oats and peanuts.

To date Eaglewhizz operates the cattle feedlot on leased land from VH6 and Danie Jacobs Landgoed.  The cattle feedlot is currently feeding 100 plus calves.

The financial services section of the business is well established and monthly accounting services are provided to entities in the Jan Kempdorp and surrounding area.   
Financial Service Section of Eaglewhizz started operating 1 March 2017, delivering a professional and caring service to our client:


Bulk Manufacturing business/ processing units of 5 key products which is in development forms the foundation of the business profile:
•    Financial services
•    Oat mill
•    Hi-Oleic peanut blanching
•    Cake Flour mill
•    Cattle feedlot


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