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The Business Journey
History and the people.

Manan Trust was founded by Willem Petrus Strauss and his wife, Caren Strauss.  The couple is well known and respected entrepreneurs in the Vaalharts Region.  Willem is a practicing Attorney and name partner of the firm, De Bruyn and Strauss Attorneys Inc, and Caren the owner of the O’Hannas guesthouse and the Andalusia Motors Garage in Jan Kempdorp.
Willem, although a successful and busy attorney, assists numerous smaller farmers with his knowledge and business savvy to grow their farms into well-functioning businesses.  He is known for always lending a helping hand, listening and analysing the issues and imparting useful advice.
Caren, known for her caring heart and open door policy.  Caren confirmed that women can have it all, she balanced her family life whilst still managing to grow her business portfolio into the successful businesses we see today.  
Willem and Caren have three children, Mandi, Andri and Carmi and one grandchild, Levi.  The Manan Trust was established during 1997 using the names of their eldest daughter, Mandi(Man-) and their son, Andri(-An).
The Manan Trust is in the business of leasing and purchasing land for the growing of crops as well as rendering contractors work for the processing of crops around the Northern Cape Province.   Recently the farm, 5, was purchased by Manan Trust to plant pecan trees and grow and process Lucerne.
The Manan Trust to date service more than 30 clients with contractor services.  The work performed by Manan is of good quality and their clients return for the professional service rendered.
The well known business logo of the Manan Trust Service Brand.

The company in overview

In 2014 the farm,5, was acquired by Manan Trust.


Manan Trust 5, farming operations focus on:
•    Pecans – processed in partnership with Elandsdraai
•    Hi-Oleic peanuts – process in partnership with Eaglewhizz
•    Oats – processed in partnership with Eaglewhizz


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