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Wessel Maree is the second generation Maree farming on the family farm Makoeispan in the Biesiesvlei area in Noth West.  He got his passion for farming from his father Wessel Maree Snr that has learned him all he knows today.  Wessel got a passion for the land and working it to its fullest. He went to school in Sannieshof Landbou School where he started living his dream to become a farmer. He married Doreen in 1990 and also they started farming in 1990.  They got 3 lovely children one son and two girls. Their son Wessel Maree is the third generation Maree that is farming on the family farm.  Together they have big dreams of building everything they started on the farm to the fullest.

Company Overview

With a fluctuating Agricultural market, it is important to be innovative and think ahead. In 2014, Wessel Maree and Daniel Jacobs decided to do just that in the Sunflower industry.  From there they started a facility to de-hull sunflower seeds.  Wedo Baruch Products & Trading were born and is located in the North West Province, on a farm near Lichtenburg.
Wedo Baruch means “Blessed Products”
Building Procedures and Equipment was ordered in January 2015. In August 2015 the first products were delivered!  Wedo Baruch is set on delivering high-quality products and its business focus is establishing long term relationships!


A brief Sunflower Journey From small beginnings the business has progressed and grown over years.  With continued trial and development, Wedo Baruch should be handling 100% Hi-Oleic Sunflower only from 2018.  The business further evolved and is currently doing final trails on sunflower pastes and extra virgin cold press sunflower oil.
Bulk Manufacturing of 3 key products forms the foundation of the business profile:
•    Shelled sunflower seed
•    Shelled hi-oleic seed
•    Hi-oleic oil
We are growing from strength to strength and are truly a Blessed company.


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