The history and the people of Rismel

Life is full of opportunity. That is exactly how Rismel came to be. Sophia was fortunate to be a full time mother and loved every minute of it. She saw herself as privileged to be in this position. For a long time she invested in her children and husband who are the centre of her life.

Her husband is a successful entrepreneur and the manger of multinational company. Over the years they have moved a few of times, invested and started a relative amount of businesses. Sophia loves it when opportunity comes knocking on the door, and is always excited when opportunity and adventure arise.

She always longed to fully commit to a business venture, but with her family being her first priority this was challenging. As her children grew up…. doing exceptionally well, they became more independent and the opportunity for her to invest in herself prevailed. With the support and love of her family, she started the journey in finding this perfect business fit.

It wasn’t long before her dream came true and Rismel was born.  Just after covid Rismel, a local partner Sias Bosch join the team and the business expanded into further related capabilities.

Rismel today

Rismel means ”rice flour” in Danish.

An old factory which lies between the beautiful macadamia trees, forestry and grass hills just outside the town of White River, Mpumalanga was renovated.

After long and intensive research, the equipment for the rice mill was locally manufactured to support our local business development. Within the 700m2 facility, Rismel has a minimum capacity of 500kg per hour. Rismel started its’ operation early 2017, milling rice for the local food industry, while adhering fully to the stringent local and international health, hygiene and quality standards.

Rismel developed further capabilities within the flour industry by adding defatted nut and seed flours due to specific customer demands.  Today it has its own cold press, oil bottling and nut/seed flour milling line to facilitate this need.

As the business was situated in the middle of the macadamia world and with plant-based alternatives becomes more and more preferred, a complete plant-based macadamia based cheese alternative was developed within a new facility.

Products of Rismel

The core business foundation of Rismel with the commodity supplied, being:

  • Par-boil rice flour
  • Defatted nut and seed flours
  • Cold press nut and seed oil
  • Plant-based macadamia based cheese alternative
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